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SMLC 2013 Workshop
"Synthetic Modeling of Life and Cognition: Open Questions"

12-14th September 2013, University of Bergamo, Italy
Luisa Damiano (University of Bergamo)
Vincent C. Müller (Anatolia College/ACT & University of Oxford)

5° Edition
Rome, 11-15 June, 2012

May 3, 2010
Cover story in ChemBioChem
"Giant Vesicles: Preparations and Applications"
Peter Walde, Katia Cosentino, Helen Engel, Pasquale Stano
ChemBioChem, Volume 11 Issue 7, Pages 848 - 865
cover, abstract

April 15, 2009
Cover story in ChemBioChem
"The Minimal Size of Liposome-Based Model Cells Brings about a Remarkably Enhanced Entrapment and Protein Synthesis"
Tereza Pereira de Souza, Dr., Pasquale Stano, Dr., Pier Luigi Luisi, Prof.
ChemBioChem, Volume 10 Issue 6, Pages 1056 - 1063
about cover picture; article

February 9, 2009
International Conference on Science and Spirituality
a working residential week
Cortona - Italy
13-20 June 2009

January 10, 2009
Workshop Open Questions on the Origins of Life
San Sebastian - Donostia
20th-23rd May, 2009
Organizers: Kepa Ruiz-Mirazo and Pier Luigi Luisi

November 26, 2008
Prof. Luisi's book "Mind and Life" was featured in Nature, vol. 456, p. 170.   !!
More about that book.

October 16, 2008
we launched this new lab website.

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